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Overhead Door Spring

Please Be careful!
Repairing a garage door by yourself can be risky. In case you are not sure that you purchased the right spring (Or any other part for that matter), if you don’t have the right tools for the job; or if you don’t have the knowledge which garage door repair demand, please contact a garage door installer to do the repair for you. Replacing a torsion tension spring is not a simple job that require certain knowledge that without that knowledge can turn the repair to dangerous and sometime impossible.
And no matter what, avoid unnecessary risks! No garage door repair worth that you will get injured. Hire a local expert who carry the parts, the tools and who has the experience to deal with garage door spring replacement.

Garage Spring Replacement

First, we would like to make it clear, that a busted garage door tension spring, or any other issue with a garage door can be dangerous. No matter if it commercial garage door or residential overhead door. A busted overhead door, whether it is a torsion tension spring repair, or extension spring replacement should not be used, until a qualified garage door technician will fix the door and replace or repair the tension springs.
Did you ever wonder how it can be so easy to manually lift and open even the heaviest garage doors? How is it possible that a door that weight few hundred pounds can be opened with one hand without too much force from you side? The answer is in the garage door mechanism, and of course the tension spring system which is like the heart of the garage door’s mechanism.
Whether your garage door is equipped with extension torsion tension spring system, or with torsion tension spring system, many calculation were made by those who designed the garage door, so the right tension spring will move the door, and keeping the gentle balance that keep the door up when you open it, and keep down when you close it. There are many overhead doors, and although all may seem the same to you, they are equipped with different tension springs.
Since the garage door tension springs are under a lot of tension, and sometime being used few times a day, a snapped garage door tension spring is not a rare problem, and definitely not an issue that require to replace the whole door, you just need to find someone who repair garage door tension spring, to come and replace the busted tension spring for you.

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Extension spring Repair

If you own an overhead door, and you look at your garage door, you should see that the tension spring are installed on top of the tracks (Attached to pulleys and cables), it means that your garage door is moving by extension tension spring system. When extension tension spring snap, it can be risky, and can put people, the overhead door itself and other objects near the door at risk. Based on many years of servicing garage doors around, Same Day Garage Door Repair offer you to make sure that there are safety cables installed in your door, in case the tension spring will break.
You should know that every garage door is unique, and not every tension spring will fit every garage door! So if you plan to do the replacement by yourself, make sure you have the right tension spring, and that you know exactly what you are doing. Do not assume that a tension spring that looks like your tension spring, or almost the same size will work. Unless you use the right exact and specific tension spring for overhead door, the door will not be safe to use.

Torsion Tension spring Repair

If your garage door is working with the help of torsion tension spring system, and one or both of them snapped, do not try and use the door, because it is dangerous. A torsion tension spring replacement is not an easy project, and it should be performed by a trained repairman, who can fit the right tension spring for the door, and that will know how to replace the tension spring in a safe way. There are a lot of different sizes of garage door’s springs, and not every tension spring can make every door work. For every overhead door, there is a set of tension spring that will make it work, and do not expect an overhead door, to work properly with the wrong set of tension springs.
Do not attempt to try and replace the tension spring by yourself. We know that there are many Videos online which explain how to replace a torsion tension spring “do it yourself”, and if you read more along this article you will learn why it is not recommended.

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Overhead Tension spring Repair

Before we continue explaining about the tension spring repair process, we would like to make it clear that a busted garage door tension spring, whether or any other overhead door, can be dangerous, and it is best if you avoid operating the door until the busted tension spring will be replaced.
There are few steps that included in a professional tension spring replacement. The first is of course to locate the right tension spring for your garage door, and the second part is the installation. As we explained earlier, the garage door tension springs are under a lot of tension, and being near one when it snap is not a pleasant experience. It may followed by a loud noise of the snapped tension spring, and it may make you wonder if your garage door is totally lost. But do not worry, since replacing garage door tension spring is what we do, a technician from Same Day Garage Door Repair can be there today and take care of your busted overhead door.


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